Just another #selfie.

Special delivery from @drinkjuicelove 🍉💕



New Year’s Eve with Claire Marshall | The Getup with Jenn Im of ClothesEncounters


FBF of these babes.

xoxo thePlatformYT

(Mostly) off day carpet picnic.

Sometimes this is when I think the most clearly.

Someone said my latest hair tutorial got them laid so…maybe you should watch it.

Spending some time at @shopmarkkit HQ styling some pieces from my collection! I’m especially excited for this amazing shoulder bag coming soon 😍

Shout out to my girl Kaman, a flight attendant & subscriber for hooking me up on my quick business trip to SF 💕✈️

Right side.

Answering more of your Twitter Q’s! 

I guess this is overdue. Coming next week.